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Stories are strung together by words, often lost in translation.

And stories which go beyond words, are not restricted by any language. One such tale is that of Tyrhino – a story immortalized through minimalist products.

We began with the vision to bring the classic style to the present for our modern day users. Something that could be the essence of timelessness, the force opposing transient trends and going beyond them.

With that in mind, we completely immersed ourselves into developing a brand which could bring the minimalist aesthetic to reality



Years ago, we developed a strong pull towards minimalism. Intrigued by the power held by this otherwise simple element, we couldn’t help but dig ourselves further to research and develop something which could be held as a tangible token of minimalism.

That’s when we stumbled upon the symbol of Rhinoceroses and realised that it was quite the missing piece of the Tyrhino puzzle we had been looking for. Rhino, the epitome of power and triumph in a simple animal inspired us to lead our project further.

What we had in mind was creating an embodiment of the rhino spirit, something that can be adorned by anyone. We knew exactly what to produce in order to present power, in a wearable form.


Tyrhino was designed for the bold and the confident – those who never shy away from taking action. To this idea, we added a sophisticated touch to match with the gentleman’s style. The best of both worlds, our designs can now be used from everyday events to special occasions.

Our very initial concepts of the watches were in line with the ideas we had envisioned. However, it took multiple revisions, additions and alterations before we settled onto the finalized design. 

The final look resulted in classy designs, a suitable match for every man. Sober colors, premium material and suave style, all in line with elegance which knew no bounds.

Our secret weapon, the key to this design, was minimalism.

And today, what we have in store for you is friendship in the form of minimalist, timeless accessories.

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